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Cleric admonishes Muslims on self contentment


Abuja – Imam Yahya Al-Yolawi, the Chief Imam of Garki Area 10 Juma’at Mosque, has admonished Muslims to embrace the life of contentment as a mark of true richness.
Al-Yolawi gave the charge on Friday in Abuja while delivering a Juma’at sermon on the topic: “True richness is richness of the heart (Qana’ah)’’.
According to him, true richness or satisfaction of the heart entails being pleased within one’s heart with one’s possessions, status or situation as divinely destined for him in life.
He said that being contented in life also entails having a correct individual perception about things concerning the individual and avoiding extravagant use of Allah’s divine blessings, no matter how small.
“By living a simple life of contentment, through making the best use of one’s means, an individual enjoys the benefits of all the things that he possesses.
“It can also serve as a means of preventing oneself from acts of recklessness, greediness and selfishness, which are essential ingredients in committing crimes and corruption in the society,’’ the cleric said.
The cleric stressed that in order to achieve a life of contentment individuals must always bear at the back of their minds that the wealth they accumulate in this world must leave them one day when they die.
Citing relevant verses from the Holy Qurán, Al-Yolawi said: “This worldy life is a shade of tree which shift very quickly’’, and that “Qanaáh assist one to balance and regulate the six temptations of this worldly life’’.
He quoted Qurán 3:14 as saying that the six temptations include women, children, money, livestock, exotic means of transportation and houses.
Similarly, the cleric cited some of Hadiths (sayings and deeds) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to buttress his sermon, including caution against competition of worldly life accumulation as misleading.
Also quoting Ibn Majah, the cleric said Allah loves those renounced the world and what people possess, stressing that self contentment is a secret of earning Allah’s mercy as well as winning people’s heart.
He reminded the faithful that when they quit the world, they will be held accountable for all the wealth they acquired and how they spent it, as Allah’s angels take records of all their worldly deeds.
He also enjoined the believers to avoid people with worldly life vision and concentrate more on their paradise accounts than their worldly accounts.
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Al-Yolawi, however, said that “Qanaah and zuhud (asceticism) does not mean total deprivation of worldly pleasures as Allah’’.
“And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like wrong doers,’’ the priest quoted Qur’an 28:77 as warning.
He advised the faithful to remember that whatever they accumulate in this world will one day leave them, adding that parents, friends and others who died left this world empty handed.
Al-Yolawi also suggested that the faithful can attain self contentment if they remember that after this stressful world there will be a permanent stress-free one ahead, among other ways to achieve qana’ah. (NAN)

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