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Clerics task new minsters on patriotism, zero corruption


Abuja  –  Some Clerics in Abuja have urged the incoming ministers to be patriotic and imbibe zero tolerance for corruption to remove the stigma on the country’s image as a `corruption endemic nation’.

The clerics who made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja, said that they should see themselves as the image and mirror of Nigeria in any position they occupy.

Rev. Fr. Christian Anyanwu of the Catholic Secretariat, Abuja ,said that political office holders must learn to make sacrifices to enhance the economic growth of the nation and enthrone the change mantra that Nigerians were clamouring for.

“ These new ministers should key into the corruption crusade of Mr President; anyone who is prepared to serve must make sacrifices for Nigeria at this moment.

“President Buhari has made it clear that going by the challenges facing Nigeria, they might not have enough money to pay the ministers.

“ So, it is now that Nigerians will know those who want to make sacrifices for the country.’’

Anyanwu further urged the recently confirmed ministerial nominees to key into the present administration’s vision for the country to extricate itself from corruption.

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“If we are able to have zero-tolerance for corruption in our system and strengthen our institutions, then this country can move forward and be better.

“They should follow the body language of the president and do what they can do; this is the opportunity they have to redeem Nigeria because they are the foot soldiers of the president,’’ he said.

Similarly,Mr Daniel Kadzal of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), said that Nigeria needed leaders who would serve the common good of the people instead of their personal interests.

“Nigerians are looking forward to them bringing change; we should see the change they are talking about from the time they assume duties and not to occupy the office for their personal benefit.

“They must ensure that the interest of Nigerians supercede all the interests they have as a party member and as individuals.

“They have to represent their constituencies very well; they must be patriotic and able to move the country forward for the good of poor Nigerians.’’

Kadzal advocated that the Minister of Works and Transport should give proper attention to roads in Nigeria while the Ministers of Health and Education should tackle the health and education sectors seriously.

He advised Nigerians to always pray for their leaders to succeed and lead the nation aright, to ease the socio-economic and political problems confronting the nation. (NAN)

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