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Commissioner Wakil: Another Blight on Buhari’s Tainted Integrity, By Samuel Ajayi


The redeployed Commissioner of Police for Kano State, Mahmood Wakil, was denied promotion for NINE years because he would never compromise.

He has had to suffer the ignominy of serving under those who joined the Force after him. In fact, when you see Wakil’s pictures, you will know he is not your typical Nigeria senior police officer.

His father, a retired Customs Officer, served for years before he retired and he was said to have held his head high and refused to indulge in what his colleagues were indulging in, raking millions for them.

The senior Wakil retired with only one house. Same house Police Commissioner Mahmood renovated a part of and started living in till today!

In other words, sources say Commissioner Wakil does not have a house of his till today.

It was this same dedication and commitment to the ideals of uprightness that he displayed last week after almost unbearable pressure was put on him to change figures in the Kano State gubernatorial election.

He simply refused to bulge and briefly detained the deputy governor of the state who wanted to disrupt collation of results.

But he was to pay for his “effrontery”.

Yesterday, he was redeployed to Zamfara. His offence? He stood up to the ‘almighty’ APC brazen impunity.

Tell it to the world. Raise alarm on the mountains. Broadcast it to both old and young. Hammer it to the blind and display it to the deaf:

If doing this is what defines a government being led by a man of integrity and who is said to be an advocate of honest and dedicated public service, then tell me no more.

If you think what defines a leader with integrity is eternally crying “I am not a thief”, but he watches while a corrupt system punishes the likes of Police Commissioner Wakil, then let us remove the word “integrity” from the dictionary.

My consolation?

Someone will remind us again how a PDP President did such in 1962!


source: Facebook

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