Concerted Efforts To ‘Sack’ Osinbajo Will Fail, Says UK-Based Pastor

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By Bola Badmus

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Pastor Ken Akinmade of Christ Church, London, has prophesied that concerted effort by some people in power to bring down the Vice President, Prof. , will fail.

This was just as he said some the people who were working frantically to drag the name and integrity Osinbajo in the mud were even members own ruling party, the All Congress (APC).

According to Akinmade, this set of people are deploying resources from within and without to fight the vice president, stressing that, Nigerians must pray for the well being the number two man.

Pastor Akinmade, in a statement made available to newsmen in Lagos, recalled that he saw in a vision some politicians gathering and in their midst were some journalists too, saying they all gathered while how they would disgrace the vice president and ridicule him in the eyes on Nigerians using fake news.

“The Bible is very clear. Gather they shall gather but if their gathering is the Lord Almighty it will be destroyed and scattered. I enjoin all Nigerians to pray for the vice president,” the cleric said.

Pastor Akinmade noted that the story of the Vice President Osinbajo was different from those of Mordecai and Daniel in the Bible who he said evil people schemed against but eventually fell for their own plot.

He, therefore, urged Nigerians to be wary of any negative or stories that were in the media about the vice president.

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“In the vision, I heard a voice saying where is their proof, where is their evidence, where is their proof.

“It was then I realised that there was no proof or evidence against him, it was then I saw that they had only gathered against God’ chosen to do him evil and in that instance I began to pray in the spirit,” he further recalled.

Speaking further, Pastor Akinmade warned Vice President Osinbajo to be careful of those around him and those who were friends especially politically and spiritually, most especially some people from the geo-political zone where he hailed from.

biggest enemies are those from the , mainly the -West. Those who he might think are brothers and sisters are among those who have ganged against him. They have seen glory and they are trying everything humanly possible but they forget that man is God,” the cleric said.

While urging Nigerians to pray for Vice President Osinbajo, Pastor Akinmade equally urged him to be prayerful as “sheep in the midst of wolves,” declaring that the will of God cannot be truncated at all.

“I do not know the vice president personally but this is what I have to to him, sir, be very prayerful. You are a sheep in the midst of wolves,” the cleric said.