Coronavirus: Govt Has Stepped Up Surveillance – DG NOA

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To Stay Away From  Risk Countries For

By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) –  The Director General of National Orientation Agency, Garba Abari has said that government has stepped up surveillance in various ports of entry into Nigeria, especially airports over the outbreak of coronavirus.

This he said, is to ensure that those coming from countries with incidences of the disease are properly checked before they are admitted into our country.

Abari disclosed this on Tuesday in his Abuja office while briefing newsmen on the efforts by the agency in fulfillment of its mandate.

He also advised to stay away from risk countries where this disease has been reported. ‘This is not to cause panic but to enlighten the citizenry appropriately. As you are aware, our government has stepped up surveillance in our various ports of entry, especially airports. Government has also advised our country men and women not to go to some of these countries for unless it is absolutely important.

The Director General further informed that the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has also issued several advisories on the coronavirus. These advisories are expected to guide us in prevention, identifying the symptoms, general precaution and treatment. He therefore called on media to join the agency in educating on the dangers of the disease.

On the issue of Lassa fever, Abari said that the most potent way to stamp out the disease in Nigeria is cleanliness so that the rodents that carry these diseases do not have a field day. Adding that the agency is equipping Nigerians with the to seek quick and proper medical remedy if they see of the disease.

According to the Director General, “lassa fever has been with us for a while but with seasonal occurrence and prevention is the best way to stamp it out. The symptoms are clear, if we eat these rodents that cause this disease, we are likely to be faced with the problem, he added.

On the issue of closure and banditry, the DG NOA said that the closure has benefitted the people and country such that we eat what we produce and produce what we eat. While on banditry he said the government has just deployed air force to combat the menace. Adding that situation we face today is akin to war situation, he therefore said that all hands must be on deck and in unity to overcome the insecurity in the land.

The DG called on mothers and fathers to do real parenting and to ensure that are not exposed to the street at 6. Adding that social media has perverted the young and old, boys and girls, women and men. He urged parents to keep eyes on their and teach them value as done in time past as charity begins from home.