Coronavirus Kills Defense Minister (Photo)

Colombians have been thrown into a state of national mourning following the of the country’s Defense Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo.

The highranking government official died on Tuesday of complications stemming from Covid-19.

“Carlos Holmes Trujillo died at dawn today, after complications his health while he was battling Covid-19,” President Ivan Duque said a video posted on Twitter.

Trujillo, 69, had first been hospitalized January 11.

Four days later, he was taken into intensive care at a Bogota military hospital suffering “acute lung function deterioration,” the defense ministry said a statement.

Trujillo has been replaced by Fernando Navarro, who was previously head of the Colombian armed forces.

Colombia has reported more than two million Covid-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, including almost 52,000 deaths.

The South American nation has kept its land and river borders closed for nearly a year and will keep them shut until at least March 1.


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