Corruption is Nigeria’s greatest challenge –ICPC chairman

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nemy of and good governance. Corruption is Nigeria’s greatest challenge and is directly associated national challenges, current economic decline, poverty expansion, reduced life expectancy, high mortality and deteriorating livelihood experienced by citizens.”

ICPC probe uncovers 2,000 tax-evading firms, recommends prosecution
He called for concerted efforts from both state and non-state actors in tackling the problem so as to create a better Nigeria.

The ICPC chairman urged the to deploy its oversight powers government agencies and departments as well as its legislative control public expenditure and audit of public accounts to effectively curb corruption in the public sector.

According to him, “The fight against corruption is our collective and not the duty of the government alone. We must visualize the type of country and environment that we to live in and bequeath to generations yet unborn.

“Our immediate objective is to reduce corruption in our lifetime to such an extent that it can no longer threaten our collective well-being, peace, development. The legislature can lead us to our collective vision through its constitutional mandate.”