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Corruption of our values much more endemic, damaging — Fashola


Abuja  –   The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola says the corruption of “our values is much more endemic and damaging’’ than the corruption involving cash.

Fashola stated this when he featured on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum on Wednesday in Abuja.

He was commenting on challenges associated with accessing the Federal Government Staff Housing Loan and the National Housing Fund.

He said that even though the process of accessing both facilities could be tedious, he was aware that some civil servants had benefitted from the schemes.


“Let us look in the mirror; if it is not working for us, we need to change; we are the ones who should provide for everybody so if we cannot provide for ourselves, something is wrong.

“So, we need to change because we are supposed to be the drivers of the system; not only must we do it so that we can benefit, we must do it so that those who entrust us with these responsibilities will also benefit.

“When we are talking about corruption and other things, it goes beyond cash; because cash you can replace.

“The corruption of our values are much more endemic and damaging that it takes much more time to build them; so we must just insist that things are done properly.’’


Fashola stressed the need for managers of the facilities to be upright and ensure that those for whom the facilities were meant, benefitted maximally.

The minister canvassed for a system that would look after everybody not only civil servants, because they represent a very small fraction of the Nigerian population.

“A system that wants to look after only civil servants is something that we should rethink because civil servants represent a very small fraction of the Nigerian population.

“And if this is public service, the system must be designed, therefore, to look after everybody without leaving public servants behind.

“So, a housing policy that seems to look after everybody is what I will favour, but ensuring also that it protects those who deliver it.’’

On artisans’ skill acquisition and training, Fashola said that the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), the body that certifies artisans among other professionals in the technical field, should be reinforced not to go below acceptable standard.

He also urged Nigerians to use policies of government to create opportunities in various sectors of the economy in order to boost artisans’ skills.

“If an artisan is not qualified yet to start working without supervision, let us not graduate him.

“It is just enforcement, it is law and order; we need to stop cutting corners, we need to stop accepting standard that are not sufficient.’’ (NAN)

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