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Court dissolves 3-year-old marriage for aggression, battery


ILORIN – An Ilorin Area Court on Wednesday dissolved the three-year-old marriage between Kudirat Saka and her husband Bayo for aggression and battery.

The Judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem, in his judgment, held that the marriage had broken down irredeemably.

Abdulkareem, therefore, dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the petitioner.

Kudirat, 28, a resident of Ipata Area of Ilorin, had urged the court to dissolve the marriage because Bayo was too aggressive and fond of battering her.

She said that her husband got provoked at slightest provocation and would act in a negative manner, adding: “my husband will at times slap me in public place whenever he is upset.”

Kudirat told the court that the marriage was contracted in 2011 and was yet to produce any child.

“My lord, I want an end to this marriage because I am fed up with my husband’s aggression and threat,” Kudirat said.

Bayo admitted that the disrespect his wife had for him provoked him to always beat her up.

The respondent urged the court to grant Kudirat’s request, saying: “she is free to go, my wife always disrespects me and that provokes me to beat her”. (NAN)


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