COVID-19: We Lost 5 VIPs In 2 Weeks – Gov Lalong Makes Clarifications On ‘Another Lockdown’

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Mr. Simon Lalong, the Governor Plateau has said that is difficult to talk about another lockdown.

He said this is because are still striving to contain the second wave COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that his had lost Very Important Personalities (VIPs) to Coronavirus.

Lalong said this on Thursday while speaking with House correspondents after a private meeting with Vice President Yemi at the , Abuja.

He said that he contracted and survived COVID-19, adding that he went through a trying period during the treatment and recovery.

“I just recovered from COVID-19; for those who say that doesn’t exist, I do not wish my enemies to go through what I went through for ten days,” Lalong said.

“All the symptoms were there; everything that I went through; I thank God that I was able to come , and I’m now very healthy.

“Also, as a member of the PTF representing the governors, we’ve drummed it that this second wave is more dangerous than what we saw before.

“In my state, we lost almost five people; they’re Very Important Personalities (VIPs); they’re VIPs; so, in terms of approach, we need to be very vigilant; we’ve said it several times.

“Although, it’ difficult to talk about locking down now, but the way people are going; when you start talking about losing five people within two weeks.

“Yesterday, I saw it; my state recorded 160 cases, definitely, there must be an approach towards enforcement; so this is what we are doing as governors, and we are taking it seriously.”

Lalong also said that he would, in the coming week, engage in a wide stakeholders’ meeting to emphasise the issue of enforcement.

He said he had warned people in the and other places that they must observe the protocols or face another lockdown.

“Every church I go to now; everywhere I go, I tell them; if you don’t follow enforcement, then you may go back to the last option of general lockdown but let us approach it because it is really very deadly now.

“Somebody gets it; one, two, three days, he is gone; but before, somebody gets it, you rush him to the centre; you go through processes, and you come of it.

“But how many people will come ; how many people are privileged to even come it like we do and that is the concern we have.

“The Federal Government is doing a lot honestly through the committee headed by the vice president, but it is just that people don’t to follow the protocol.

“Just observe the normal non-pharmaceutical protocol, and definitely we will get it,” he said.