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Cuba imports beer to meet tourists’ demand


Havana  –   The Ministry of Food Industry said on Thursday that up to five million crates of beer were needed in Cuba to meet up with tourists’ demand.

It said that the growing number of tourists trooping into the Caribbean Island requires more quantity of beer drink to enjoy their stay on the island.

The Vice Minister, Betsy Velazquez, said the annual planned production of 33 million crates would not be sufficient due to a rise in tourism and an increase in the number of private restaurants.

The biggest winner from Cuba’s beer shortage is likely to be the Dominican Republic-based beer producer Presidente, which is supposed to deliver three million crates.

A crate of beer contains 24 cans or bottles each.

Last year, 3.5 million tourists made their way to Cuba, an increase of 17 per cent from 2014.

It said that the political friendship between the U.S. and Cuba had made the number of tourists to continually grow, with those visiting from the U.S. and other countries. (dpa/NAN)

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