‘Dad has been sleeping with me since I was 7’

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A 49-year-old has been taken into police custody in Ogun State after his teenage daughter reported that he routinely had sex her for five years.

The 12-year-old reportedly told police that her father started sleeping her since she was seven.

Police said Ubong Williams Akpan claimed his was looking quite old and longer attractive to him, hence the recourse to sleeping his daughter as a substitute.

Detectives arrested him on March 2 when the girl reported the alleged affair to the Divisional Police at Itele Ota divisional headquarters, Monday Unoegbe, a Chief Superintendent Police (CSP).

She told the police that her father managed to sustain the affair for five years until she could bear it any longer and had to him to the police.

Commissioner Police Edward Ajogun directed that the case be transferred to the support unit Ota area command for investigation and .

He also directed that the victim be taken to the general for examination and .