Dame Fashola urges parents to support children in their chosen career

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- Dame Abimbola Fashola, wife Governor, has urged to be supportive to children In chosen career.

She gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines the 70th the Holy College on Thursday in .

Fashola said should force children against chosen carers to enable them to live the life they wished.

“Our children need to be encouraged when they make any choice career as they grow, so, please let us, the , allow them to be the best they can and walk tall and succeed,’’ she said.

She said children of today should be encouraged as they know how to comport themselves.

“We must make sure brothers and sister grow to know, respect each other and work together.

“Let’s lay much emphasis on the girl , children generally must grow to help one another, do house chores together; they should all be trained to be good citizens in the society.’’

Fashola called on parent to be more careful in employing domestic assistants to curb the incessant kidnapping of children.

She said parents should check the background of of people employed to guide children against molestation.

“We need to check and clarify the kind of people we employ in the house for the safety of our children.

“When we employ all these house assistants, we also need to register them with the police to make sure of background.

“By so doing, they will know we have all the information through which the police could fish them out once there the need,’’ she said. (NAN)