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Data protection vital for companies in era of tech disruptions – Paszek

LAGOS (Sundiata Post) – Data and the building of good platforms have been described as vital strategies companies must deploy, to navigate through the era of technology disruptions in the 21st century, digital project manager, Spot studios, United Kingdom, Mr. Sebastian Paszek has said.

With increasing demand from customers for things to be easier and accessible, particularly from their mobile phones instantly, companies according to Paszek, are also re-strategising how to provide robust service delivery.

On why data would be key, the digital technology expert said “there is a big drive for data and companies will have to deploy it to provide efficient service delivery”.

He believes that with data, companies will be in a better position to understand their customers, interact better with them, profile them properly and know specific products that will suit them.

In the area of platforms, Paszek made a strong case for companies to invest more in good platforms, that will manage their customers cutting across sales and marketing.Speaking further on data, he was of the view that data will also assist companies in monitoring, tracking and observing consumer behaviour towards their products.

He further stated that “companies will have to adjust to a new era of disruptions and be flexible, as customers will dictate the kind of products they want”.

Mr. Paszek assessing the disruptions in the 21st century and beyond 2016, noted that “more and more companies are creating systems and portals, that basically do not own anything, they are just great marketing places connecting suppliers and vendors together with users”.

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