Home Interview Defection Spree to APC not to evade EFCC Probe – Senator Bulkachuwa

Defection Spree to APC not to evade EFCC Probe – Senator Bulkachuwa


Senator Adamu Muhammad Bulkachuwa is a federal lawmaker representing Bauchi North Senatorial District in the 9th Senate.

In this exclusive interview with Sundiata Post Political Correspondent, Chibuike Nwabuko, the Bauchi Senator who also Chairs the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, denied the assertions that the defections from opposition parties by corrupt politicians to the ruling All Progressives Congress are deliberate attempts to prevent and bamboozle the ruling party and the anti-corruption agencies from beaming their searchlight to their past corrupt practices.

Senator Bulkachuwa spoke extensively on other activities in the ruling party, including the just concluded ward Congresses of the party and why the party has not announced where it will zone the presidency for the 2023 general election and the criteria for selection of party’s flag bearer.


Your party, the APC has just concluded its Congresses and we are looking up to state congresses that are coming up in October, what is your view about the just concluded local government congresses and state congress too?  

As you know, every party has few  rancour here and there but generally, since the Interim Leadership has accepted the ward Congresses and also rectified   the local government congress, I think alI I will say is that I will look forward to the State Congress and finally the National Convention. Since the leadership has accepted that, so we are moving forward not backwards.  

There are speculations in the ruling APC, particularly ahead of of 2023 presidential election – rotation, president should go to North or south  and so forth. As a chieftain, your party has not come out clearly on where the ticket would go. Are you worried?  

No. I am not worried. That is the nature of politics. You don’t announce in advance where your presidential candidate will come from and in any case, there must be criteria for Presidential aspiration. Any Nigerian from any part of the country can aspire from any party but the issue is when you localize it to a particular party, which party will actually want to win and form the next government and will look out for the most popular candidate. Zoning is not the answer. The answer is that the party must look for who can likely win for them the presidency. If you just zone for the sake of zoning and then Nigerians don’t come along with you, what does that mean for the party? It means they are heading for defeat. So test for popularity has to be established first then the party will realize that yes, the strategy is good if we field candidate X, Y or A. Zoning   is not the principle thing, so why should I be worried?   

With respect to your membership of the APC, and looking at your background and experience over the years, you discover that a lot of defections have been going on into APC from senate and House of Representatives. Don’t you think it’s averse to democratic norms?

I want you first to realize that nobody is being forced. The party did not use the whip to say people must defect to the Party right? So how can the party be worried about people saying they want to join? It is not the issue. People defect on their own and nobody pays them or attracts them with any inducement. They do it on their own conviction, so if you want to find out ask them why they defect from other parties to APC. They will tell you why they do it. But once somebody defects to APC, we welcome him or her. So what is wrong with that? Is it a new thing in Nigerian politics? It is not! We are not like in the United States where you have Republicans and Democrats from great grandfathers to grandson. We are not like that. In Nigeria, it is acceptable is it not? And there is nothing constitutional that prevents anybody from defecting from one party to another. Some people even jump into one party, defect back into the same party and some even get out and form another party. So is it any cause for concern?  

There is a school of thought that believes that the main reason for the defection to APC is to evade arrest in view of the fact that most of them are carrying corruption baggage, what is your take Sir?

Well, fortunately I am only a legislature, a member of the APC. I am not the Chairman of EFCC or ICPC so how will I know who is corrupt and who is not? And how will I know that those that defect are evading arrest? I wouldn’t know but if you look back, there are some who actually defected and yet they were arrested. So can that defection be the solution or remedy for arrest? Some actually defected and I am sure you know them and they were arrested and arraigned in court, so that argument to me is immaterial.

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