Deji Adeyanju: The Rise Of Political Boko Haram And 2015 General Elections

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But during this period in review, we have seen many attacks unclaimed by the Shekau Boko Haram. Many criminal games attack banks and other places just to rob and steal and people out of fear ascribe such acts to Boko Haram. Then, of recent certain activities like the Nyanya bombing, the Emab bombings and the assassination attempt on General Mohammed Buhari which many people believe was staged has the hand writing of Political Boko Haram. Many have asked the simple question of what benefit will the killing of Buhari be to the Shekau Boko Haram considering the fact that Buhari is a sympathizer of their cause. A person who has spoken in their defence in the past calling on the federal government to pamper them like they are doing with the Niger Delta Militants by granting them amnesty even when Shekau and his band of lunatics totally disapprove any such gesture. Also you will recall that on November 2nd, 2012 when they Boko Haram finally felt the need to dialogue who was reported to have been named as their mediator with the federal government? Same Buhari. Therefore, how can this same Shekau Boko Haram now turn around to kill him?

It is most likely that the Boko Haram that stage-managed or attempted to kill Buhari is the political arm which is now commonly referred to as Political Boko Haram. With the 2015 general elections by the corner, it is most likely that the era of the rise of Political Boko Haram is here. With the template for the rise of Political Boko Haram having been set by former President in his letter of Sniper List, the masterminds of the script may begin to play out the script by targeting politicians in the opposition or those who speak against the government just to justify their allegation with the intent of causing chaos in certain parts of the country. One could only imagine what would have happened if the attack on Buhari had resulted to his death, there would have been riots and mass killings of Igbos and people of Southern Nigeria extraction in Northern Nigeria.

It was indeed a perfect plot to raise sentiments and start a riot. These Political Boko Haram attacks from all indications may not reduce or stop, they are likely to be on the increase as elections approaches. Never forget, men can go to any length to get power. To get power men can lie, cheat, blaspheme, become diabolical, kill, bomb, commit genocide, start a civil war or even a Third World War. Crimes have been part of recorded human history since time immemorial. Since the Stone Age, man has been beating or killing his fellow human beings for power, control or survival, human beings have massacred fellow human beings in thousands and piled up their skulls in mountains. We have seen two big world wars involving losses of millions of human lives, including those sent to the gas chambers by Hitler all for power. Therefore, the strategy now being employed by the Political Boko Haram is not strange as it depicts their of desperation to get power. You will recall that they have employed all strategies available at their disposal to ensure either Jonathan resigns or a military coup takes place but all such plans have failed so far. At a point in time, they started bombing churches thinking that the Christians in places like Plateau and Kaduna States will retaliate against Muslims but it didn’t work. Then, they changed strategy and started bombing mosques yet Muslims didn’t retaliate. Now, this new strategy which targeted Buhari is a new one and may become the new trend which is why Nigerians must become aware of their plans to plunge our nation into political and social unrest (civil war) in order to grab power at all cost.

We must never forget that it is primarily about power grabbing. The act of insurgency in Nigeria was to make President Jonathan look as if he had lost control of the nation which is why I align myself completely with those who believe Jonathan is the primary target and one of the reasons is to make him look incompetent and out of control. That is why poor people are targeted just to show that the country is ungovernable and unsafe.