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Delhi Residents to Get Free WiFi Access From Dec. 16


New Delhi – Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Wednesday said Delhi residents would start getting access to free WiFi with effect from Dec. 16.

Kejriwal said that the first batch of 100 public Wi-Fi hotspots would be activated by the third week of December.

He said that the entire capital city would be covered with 11,000 hotspots within the next six months, including 4,000 in bus shelters.

The minister said each hotspot would cover a radius of 100 metres and up to 200 people would be able to simultaneously access the internet at such points.

“Wi-Fi was one of our key promises. In this digital age, minimum data usage is one of the basic necessities of a person.

“Like we treat water and power as basic lifelines, we are also going to make internet usage free and with this, we are fulfilling one of our last pending poll promises,’’ Kejriwal said.

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