Desist from attempting to spark off a civil war – Fani-Kayode Blasts Unongo

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

(Sundiata Post) – Former Aviation Minister has blasted Chief Paul Unongo over a statement credited to him, warning him to desist from attempting to spark a civil .

Unongo was quoted as suggesting to Muhammadu Buhari to deploy soldiers to the South West to “protect northerners in the region.

Fani-Kayode stated this via his twitter handle, further warned Unongo to testing the will the people the South West with such absurd suggestions, adding the same terrorists he wants to be protected are the same terrorists killing his people and people Benue.

He further stressed Northerners are not in ANY danger in the South West.

The tweets read:

The suggestion Buhari should deploy soldiers to the South West to “protect northerners” by Chief Paul Unongo is reckless, irresponsible and dangerous. Fulani terrorists are killing our people all over the South West and now he wants soldiers to kill us too? Unongo is begging for !

The worst thing is that the man is not even a Fulani. He is a Tiv man and we in the South West and respect the Tiv people. We know that they are great and courageous warriors but Unongo is not talking like a Tiv man but rather like an old slave has lost touch with reality.

The same terrorists that are killing your people are the ones that are killing ours and you them to be protected? Northerners are not in ANY danger in the South West but Fulani terrorists and killer slaughter, , torture and kidnap our people most certainly are.

We make pretence and have apology for that. If the state refuses to protect us from terror we have choice but to protect ourselves. That is perfectly lawful. The only reason you need to worry for your safety in the South West is if you are a killer or a terrorist.

We will not tolerate such beasts anymore and we will not allow them to slaughter our people. The overwhelming majority Fulanis and northerners are not terrorists so they have nothing to fear. Only the wicked run when -one is pursuing them.

Unongo should know that the Yoruba people are slow to anger but irresistible in battle. Our heads may be bloodied but they can never be bowed. He should testing the will of the people of the South West with such absurd suggestions and desist from attempting to spark a civil .

He should face his , help his Governor fight the of killer Fulani that have plagued and overwhelmed the state and leave the South West alone. The Yoruba are not Nigeria’s sacrificial lambs and neither are we slaves. -one can threaten or intimidate us!