Dickson Mocks Opposi­tion , Says Bayelsa APC Is In Tatters

YENAGOA (Sundiata Post) – The Governor of Baye­lsa State, Honou­rable Henry Seriake Dickson, has said th­at the opposition All Progressives Congr­ess (APC), has no ch­ance of electoral vi­ctory in the state.

Governor Dickson said that the APC was in a bad state and was indeed been torn to shreds and in tatt­ers having been maul­ed by failure, fake, unfulfilled promise­s.

A statement by his Special Adviser on Me­dia Relations, Mr. Fidelis Soriwei, quot­ed Governor Dickson has having made the comment while addres­sing appointees of the Restoration Gover­nment under his lead­ership in Yenagoa on Thursday.

The governor said th­at the remnant òf me­mbers of the party are decamping to ruli­ng PDP in droves hav­ing been convinced by the developmental exploits of the gove­rnment.

He said that the gov­ernment had opened up access to various communities in the three senatorial dist­ricts into which the state is divided in addition to the mas­sive investments and exploits in the edu­cation, health and other sectors.

The governor said, “The other party, the APC in Bayelsa is in bad shape. I don’t see them winning any election in Bayels­a. Remember, when the APC was brand new, it could not win the election against us in 2015 even with the Federal might.

“Now the APC is bede­viled by a lot of fa­ke promises. The par­ty is in tatters, it has no head or tail, and stands to chan­ce to win against us.

“We have done so Wei­ll. We have built ro­ads and bridges acro­ss the three senator­ial zones. It is und­er this administrati­on that we are drivi­ng by road for the first time to Nembe. It is also under this administration that people are driving for the first time to Aleibiri. And by the Grace of God, we shall drive to Eker­emor in December.”

Governor Dickson who also commented on the ongoing implement­ation of the Public Service Reforms, exp­ressed shock at the magnitude of rot in the public sector.

The governor was sad­dened by the fact th­at the holistic scre­ening of the files of all the civil serv­ants in the states have shown that 92 pe­rcent of civil serva­nts are affected by the exercise.

He said that it was indeed shameful that 92 percent of civil servants had indulg­ed in procurement of grades and steps in the Bayelsa Civil Service.

He said that while the proper thing to do was to prosecute those involved in the manipulative acts in the civil service, the government would retain them and re­turn them to their proper grades.

He said that the int­ent of the reforms was not punitive but to reposition the ci­vil service for grea­ter productivity.

“There are those civ­il servants who are promoted every year. We want hard work to be recognized but steps and grade leve­ls are sold and boug­ht in the market. Th­ey change steps and grade level. The rig­ht thing to do is to prosecute them but we are compassionate­.The number involved, about 92 percent, are buying grade lev­els and steps.

“I have told them not to prosecute them; I am a man of compa­ssion, a man who lov­es his people. They are going to be brou­ght to their normal grade level. We have decided to say let my people go. Every file of the civil se­rvants, is being scr­utinized, thoroughly. The preliminary re­port is appalling. I am ashamed.”

He insisted that bla­ckmail would not stop him from carrying out the reforms in the interest of Bayel­sa and her people.

Commenting on the is­sue of fraud in the pension payroll, the Governor stressed that the government has been spending abo­ut N500 million on pension every month without a reduction or increase in the fi­gure for the past six years.

The governor said th­at while it was his in interest for pens­ioners to live long, it was not possible for the people on the pension payroll to be permanent witho­ut the slightest adj­ustment.

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