Dino Melaye Accuses President Buhari of Using 2022 Budget To Defraud Nigerians

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The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been accused of defrauding the Nigerian people using the budget.

The allegation was made by a former senator, Dino Melaye.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had presented a budget proposal of N16.39 trillion for the year to the Joint Session of the National Assembly in October.

Speaking during a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, Melaye claimed that the budget was full of fake items running into billions of naira.

Melaye alleged the budget was full of corruption, wondering why the FIRS budget would be more than the National Assembly and the judiciary.

He said the FIRS budget stood at N228 billion while the National Assembly budget was pegged at N134 billion and N120 billion was proposed for the judiciary.

He said, “In the FIRS budget proposal, the tax body earmarked N2.5bn for the purchase of land, N3bn for furniture, N1.5bn for photocopying machines, N2.04bn for computers and N500m for the construction of sports facilities. The agency set aside N1bn for generator fuel and N250m for maintenance while a separate N550m was set aside for purchasing more generators.

“How on earth can the FIRS budget sum of N2.8bn for “uniforms and clothing” for the year and in defence, the FIRS Chairman through his Special Assistant on Media and Communication, Johannes Wojuola, had the guts to say that the word “uniform” is the corporate outfit (dressing allowance) to be enjoyed by all the staff…”

“Is it the Presidency? The proposed budget for stands at N150.5bn and the sum of 24.8bn was budgeted for the President. It was budgeted that the President will spend the sum of N775.6m for his local travel and transport while the sum of N1.5bn will be spent on international travel and transport (No wonder Mr. President is travelling up and down).

“The budget of the Vice President stands at N1.1bn. The Vice President is to spend the sum of 301.9m for his local travel and transport while the sum of N476.2m will be spent on international travel and transport. N6.3m will be spent on stationeries/computer consumables, the sum of N4.6m will be spent on printing non-security documents.

“The Vice President foodstuff/catering material supplies stand at N156.6m. Miscellaneous is N99.7m, Refreshment & Meals is earmarked 20.2m while Honorarium & sitting allowance is N30.2m. The Vice President is to spend N18.8m on publicity and advertisement, N23.2m on welfare packages, and N5.4m on sporting activities.”