Discos Commence Implementation Of Revised Electricity Tariff

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Power distribution companies have commenced the implementation the revised electricity tariff that was jointly agreed upon by organised labour and .


a report Sunday, the Labour Congress stated that would not revert to the September 1, 2020 reflective tariff that led to widespread outcry across the country.

Deputy President, , who doubles as General Secretary, National Union Electricity Employees, Joe Ajaero, told our correspondent that the September 1, 2020 hike tariff had been reviewed downwards most categories.

Ajaero said, “If you watch the new template, for customers Bands A and B, there was a reduction 10 per cent and 10.5 per cent respectively. For those Band C, there is a 31 per cent reduction.”

“Those in Bands D and E were not increased at all. “NERC is not reverting to the tariff that led to the outcry, rather it would commence the implementation of these adjustments that were done.”

Confirming the adjustment, which led to a revised tariff, the Electricity Distribution Company announced Sunday that with effect from November 1, 2020, it effected the revised reflective tariff.

The AEDC said the revised tariff was approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

In the announcement, which was seen by our correspondent, the power firm said, “Customers the pre-paid platform will be the first to experience the revised tariff when they vend from Sunday, November 1, 2020.

“The revised tariff will reflect in the bills for customers the postpaid platform when they receive electricity bill.”

It added, “The tariff is divided into five bands and based on hours of supply to the customers. While customers on Bands D and E have tariff frozen, those on Bands A, B and C will see some level of reduction in tariff as they vend.”

The power firm assured its customers that it would, in line with the spirit and letter of the reflective tariff, ensure that all customers receive quality