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DJ Lambo: Nigerian first amazing female DJ(PHOTOS)

Is DJ Lambo a lady? It seems to be unbelievable at first but in a while, everything turns into place. She’s just a talented girl who knew exactly what she wanted when she started her entertainment career, and look at her now – she’s a Nigerian star!
DJ Lambo biography
The very first Nigerian female DJ
Her name is Olawunmi Okerayi, she was born to be the only girl in the family with four sons. Her father was the one who influenced the career choice and further biography of DJ. Her father is the well-known DJ Tony Lewis. Even in European countries, a female DJ is quite a rare bird. However, it’s probably her growing up among four little rogues that has made such a tomboy of her. At the same time, she’s grown up decisive, ambitious, and knowing perfectly well what she wanted to do with her life. In addition to her music and turntable talents, Olawunmi has an English and Literature degree received from the University of Abuja.
The beginning of DJ Lamborghini
DJ Lambo biography
The career of DJ Lamborghini (which later became DJ Lambo) started officially in 2008 when she began working for Raypower (100.5 FM), Rhythm Abuja (94.7 FM), and Love Abuja (104.5 FM). Only later it became clear to her that everything she loved was DJing. Her first performances took place in Aramis and Oxygen Abuja, and in some other places in Lagos when destiny made her encounter MI from the Chocolate City. At that time, it was still Loppy Music, and he loved DJ Lambo’s performance and skills so much that he signed a contract with her almost immediately.
DJ Lambo biography
From that time on, DJ Lambo life and music career took a perfect turn. Being a music fan from childhood, always surrounded by sounds and parties (all owing to her father, her greatest source of motivation and passion for music), she felt a natural zest to develop her style. She’s now playing what she herself calls a mixture of techno, house, afro hip-hop and pop. All this is done with a lot of professionalism and true talent. There’s no surprise that she’s getting more and more popular.
DJ Lambo’s achievements: awards and nominations
DJ Lambo biography
In 2014 she was nominated for the Best Female DJ by the African Global Awards for DJ’s. The same year she won the award for the Most Outstanding DJ. In 2016 and 2017 she received two more awards nominated as a DJ of the Year (female). In addition to this, ‘Entertainment Today’ named her one of the five best Nigerian DJ’s of 2015. In June 2017, it was announced that DJ Lambo was becoming the president of the Choc Boi Nation, an affiliate of the Chocolate City Music. This was the moment when DJ Lambo turned into one of the most influential executives of a record label in the Nigerian music industry. In 2016, in Lagos, DJ Lambo started an incredibly cool party titled ‘Lagos Party Animal’. Being one of the most popular Nigerian DJ’s and certainly the most unique one, she was chosen with several other DJ’s to play at the Saturday’s party of the Big Brother Naija, season 2, in 2017. Apart from her solo performances, she has had several collaborations with other popular Nigerian artistes belonging to different styles and music streams.
DJ Lambo biography
It looks like DJ Lambo still has a great career ahead of her. She’s young, full of energy, and her talent is likely to bring her to new discoveries within her genre. It means that in a couple of years, this brave girl will turn into an amazingly bright star beyond Nigeria.
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