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Do You Live In A Zoo? I Do Not…


By Samuel Ajayi

I respect people’s right to their opinions, preferences and beliefs. In fact, over-respect dey worry me sef. Secondly, I fully respect a people’s  right to sef-determination. Even Israelites asked for it in the Bible. And they got it! 

But let me sound this note of warning: EITHER IN COMMENT, TAGGING or INBOX MESSAGES, don’t use my Facebook platform to refer to Nigeria as a ZOO. If you do, it is instant BLOCKING!  If you currently live in zoo and earning your living there, say that on your wall. I wish you well. 
I, Samuel Ajayi, do not live in a zoo. I live among fellow human beings. I mean wonderful human beings some of who are of Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa extraction. 
Check these out:
Chinwe is from Imo State. She sells provisions and has a big shop. I take anything from her shop and pay at my convenience. I just do transfer to her and she jokes that she likes that “arrangement”. She is one of the most well-mannered young women I have ever come across. She is 34 and a mother of three, ironically married to an Ibadan indigene. 
Mohammed, my good Aboki, is a wonderful guy in his late 30s. He is from Sokoto State. He is as old as the neighborhood itself. He has a shop where he sells bread, provisions and soft drinks. He participates in everything done in the area. Same as the one we call “Baba”. His real name Musa. He is from Borno State. He has gone back home due to age related illness. 
Abass, my mechanic, is from Ibadan. His workshop is just two houses away from my house. Ironically, majority of his customers are Igbo. 
None of these people is an animal. They are wonderful human beings. If these are not animals, how could anyone say to me that I live in a zoo? 
Nigeria has many dysfunctionalities. Just like our individual families. 
But it is not a zoo!
Source: Facebook

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