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Doctor faces trial for allegedly sedating, sexually abusing patients


BAMBERG (GERMANY) – An attorney for a German doctor accused of sedating and sexually abusing patients and colleagues has proclaimed the physician’s innocence.

Klaus Bernsmann, the attorney for the 49-year-old senior doctor at the Bamberg Clinic, said on Tuesday in Bamberg, Germany, that his client would confront the accumulated weight of the charges leveled against him.

The doctor, a vascular surgeon, was accused of using drugs to knock out a dozen women and then sexually abusing them and taking photos and videos of them while they were unclothed.

Bernsmann criticized the way that prosecutors had leaked details of the case into the public arena.

He said that has already prompted the clinic to pay damages to the alleged victims before the trial could even start.

The prosecutors had said the accused was fired in 2014 after the charges came to light.

They said the case against the doctor began when a medical student began asking questions after her participation in a medical trial.

The prosecutors said her questions arose because she had gaps in her memory the doctor gave her a sedative.

The prosecutors said the doctor in his response stated that any sedatives he used was part of medically appropriate examinations.
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The prosecutors said the doctor claimed merely injected the student with a contrast agent to aid his study.

They said but when the student had her blood tested to find the cause of her memory lapses, traces of the sedative were discovered.

Proceedings on the case are expected to resume on April 14. (dpa/NAN)

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