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Dollar scarcity, another pandemic against Nigerian tourism- DG NTDC



Chief Foluronsho Coker

LAGOS- The Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) says the scarcity of the American dollar has become a worrisome threat to the survival of the tourism industry, related enterprises in Nigeria and third world economies.

Chief Foluronsho Coker, Director General, NTDC, said this during a breakfast meeting in Lagos on Saturday.

Coker likened the dollar position,  particularly its scarcity as another COVID-19 pandemic, which had affected the fabric of goods and services in Nigeria in recent times.

“The dollar has ravaged our industry, from aviation fuel, spare parts purchases, hospitality and recreation services,  transportation, logistics and the entire national economic architecture.

“This currency has assumed a scarcity presence and snuffing life of the tourism sector,” he said.

Coker, who also spoke on Nigerian festivals, pleaded that the process and engagement should not have political colouration and undertone to avoid polluting the heritage value chain.

“I am going on a road show in the south west to appeal to the traditional rulers to hold on to what is true, enduring and beneficial to the growth of our festivals.

“We should not pollute our local festivals and do not turn festival grounds to political podiums leading to violence,” he said.

The NTDC DG who was part of the Osun-Oshogbo Festival, which ended on Friday,  informed that Nigeria must not lose sight of the unification process which various festivals in the country desired to promote.

He berated the disturbing tribal and religious sing song which was fast eating up the fabrics of national unity and cohesion.

“We grew up in Nigeria not concerned about where anyone comes from, your dialect or those things which irritate relationships.

“We saw ourselves as neighbours, family and friends, so I wonder at the divisions and acrimonies over ethnic and religious sentiments which unfortunately is eroding the fabric of national unity,  peace and development,” he said.

Coker commended  the Lagos State Government for reintroducing History and Culture studies in its schools, noting that it was a welcome healing process that should remain.

He said this will go a long way in teaching and educating children about the richness of Nigerian cultural tourism history and tradition.

He urged state governments to emulate the intervention to the benefit of the country unification process and cohesion.

“At NTDC, we will help give our people hope and faith in Nigeria, indeed, these are difficult times and people are worried about tomorrow, tourism businesses bleeding. But, we shall preach hope,  stand in gap, lift up depressed minds even though we don’t have all the resources.

“We will try to navigate the process,  collaborate with industry associations and together, we can win these challenges and return our country to winning ways.

“Nigeria’s image must be salvaged, no controversies about it and we call out all hands on to the rescue efforts,” he said. (NAN)

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