Don says ICT gradually changing age-long role of classroom

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ILORIN – Prof.  Adekunle Olorundare of of Ilorin in Kwara, on Tuesday, said Information Communication Technology (ICT) was gradually changing the age-long role of classrooms. Olorundare, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, told the  News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin be careful of how they used ICT “because is capable of  robbing them of quality education.

“The is the unrivalled source of information on virtually any topic and subject on earth and its use will undoubtedly the role of teachers and a more creative role for learners.
“However, its use makes lazy, as they will even endeavour to read through and find out how an answer to questions is reached. They go about copying and pasting.’’
According to him, the Global System Mobile (GSM) technology also frustrates intellectual scholarship, especially in English Language, as nowadays shorten and wrongly spell words.
“Teachers at all levels must be compliant, giving the vast information network of the net at the disposal of students because students often tend to take studies seriously.’’
The lecturer said assignments were as challenging or involving as they used to be because could be done in record time by surfing the .
The greater risks, he said, was unless concerted efforts were made to properly adjust students, scholarship and high academic standard would be compromised.
“Students now spend hours chatting away on facebook, twitter and pinging but cannot stand and address own colleagues on topics taught in class,’’ he added. (NAN)