”Don’t Speak About Your Marriage On Social Media Except In Cases Of Domestic Violence”– Caroline Danjuma

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Nigerian actress, took to Instagram to has warn couples to stop taking their marital woes to social media.

According to her, only time to speak out publicly is if domestic is involved.

Caroline also stated marriage is a sacred institution and should be respected.

“We all make mistakes and learn. only time to speak out in public is if domestic or extreme emotional abuse is involved and you need help. Respect this scared institution, you ain’t fighting one another but devil,” she wrote.

The also prayed for couples who are going a marital crisis.

“I pray every union going troubles receives the grace and love of Christ. Let there be healing and songs of thanksgiving in your homes, may the Lord help you to forgive and love again. May your marital secrets never leave your home,” she wrote.

The 41-year-old ended her 10-year-marriage to the younger of Nigeria’s former defence minister, Gen. TY Danjuma, in 2016 amid allegations of infidelity.