Home News Dozens in Mali quarantine after Ebola death

Dozens in Mali quarantine after Ebola death



Authorities in Mali have placed dozens of people in quarantine at the home of a 25-year-old nurse who died from Ebola in the capital, Bamako, and at the clinic where he treated an imam from Guinea who died with Ebola-like symptoms.

The government said in a statement on Wednesday that the nurse was confirmed to have Ebola on Tuesday and died later that evening.

ll necessary steps to identify people who had come into contact with the nurse had been taken, it said.

Ousmane Doumbia, secretary-general of the Health Ministry, said so far 70 people have been placed in quarantine.

The imam from the border town of Kouremale was never tested for the disease and his body was washed in Mali and returned to Guinea for burial without precautions against the virus, health officials said.

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