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Dr. Rafi’s Book Review ‘Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences and Journals’ by Dr Abraham O.A


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Latest book by International teacher, Coach, Speaker and Author, Dr Abraham O.A titled ‘Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences and Journals’ has been recieving rave reviews with the latest coming from reknowned academician, Associate Professor of American College of Dubai, Dr. Aqila Rafi.

Read her full review below:

Congratulations to Dr. Abraham for another milestone in the area of academics with an addition of literature in the research area. Vibrant and committed academicians who make things happen for all the stakeholders in the academic community at all levels and in the directions of the development of the community one of his objectives.

This book gives insightful information to the researcher for identification of various paths, explore and share his knowledge through different sources available in the academic community. It provides immense guidance and direction especially to the starters at graduate and master levels who are generally not clear about their journey.

With his vast experience in the industry and academics, he shares his personal experiences and advises the researcher regarding presentation skills which is noteworthy.

With his multidisciplinary experience he creates huge impact on the learner and with very few interactions I had with Dr. Abraham I had an opportunity to learn a lot from him.

At the outset, I express my best wishes for his future endeavors.

Hope you enjoy reading a one stop shop to learn, apply and present added values to the research community.

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