Drama as husband with lover catches wife and friend in same hotel

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There drama in Olodi Apapa area , night, as a took another woman to a hotel came out from hotel room to see coming out from another room friend.

identified as Kayode said to have yelled, “My in a hotel another !”when he spotted them, according to from Leadership. [eap_ad_1] It gathered that when Kayode saw identified as Funmilayo, he never envisaged that the man her friend called Mufutau but after a closer look, he noticed that the man was Mufutau and he slapped him twice before Mufutau retaliated.

As the men were , Funmilayo also tore the clothes the woman for having the effrontry to date her husband. The fight among the quartet came to an abrupt end when the barman, receptionist, and customers blamed all for not being sincere and trustworthy to their wives and husbands.

The barman said to have told Kayode that he guilty the same offence for bringing another man’s wife to the hotel. The barman said that what occurred a nemesis or law of retributive  justice.

The were said to have torn their clothes to shreds and left the hotel in shame as they booed each .