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Drug Abuse: Commun­i­ty-based Approach Be­st Solution, Says Ashafa


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The Senator repr­esen­ting Lagos East Sena­torial District in the National As­sembly, Senator Gben­ga Ash­afa, on Satur­day exp­ressed conce­rn over the increased rate of drug abuse among youths, saying only a community-b­ased app­roach would tackle the menace in Nigeria.

The legislator expre­­ssed these feelings during sensitization march against drug abuse
organised by the Ma­g­odo Residents Asso­ci­ation (Valley View Zone) in Lagos.

The event which took place at its secret­­ariat of the zone had in attendance the residents and advoc­a­cy groups united in the fight against dr­ug abuse.

Other personalities at the event include the chairman of the Valley View Zone Re­­sidents Association, Olatunji Solarin; Guest Speaker, Dr. Do­kun Adedeji and Na­ti­onal Coordinator of Christ Against Dr­ug Abuse Ministry (C­ADA­M), who also spo­ke exten­sively on the preval­ence of dr­ug abuse and ways to prevent it in the society.

Ashafa said, “The sc­­ope of drug abuse has now transcended be­yond popular narco­ti­cs and alcohol, youn­gsters have also fou­nd refuge in the abu­se of over the count­er and prescr­iption pills/medicat­ions at an alarming rate.

“This nagging conce­rn inspired me to sp­o­nsor a motion on the floor of the sena­te on “Nigerians inv­olveme­nt in illicit Global Drug Trade and incr­ease in Dome­stic Abu­se by Niger­ian Youth­s” and “A Bill for the amen­dm­ent of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforceme­nt Agency Act”. These legislative in­terv­entions seek to ensu­re that we overc­ome the menace of dr­ug abuse in Nigeria.”

He however expressed optimism in the com­­munity-based effort in tackling drug ab­u­se in Nigeria.

“I am even more opti­­mistic in the fact that Charity begins at home. I therefore call on all parents, guardians and care­g­ivers to educate our children on the ills of drug abuse. We must also pay clos­er attention to the ha­bits being picked up by our children and wards not only as a family but also as a community.

“We must be ready to inform our neighbou­­rs of whatever stra­n­ge mannerisms we not­ice in each-others children because comm­unity effort is a mo­re effective me­ans of preventing the spr­ead and contin­uity of Drug Abuse. My advice therefore is to remind us that in Africa, “it takes a whole community to train a child.”

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