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Early detection of cancer increases chances of recovery


LAGOS – Mrs Onari Duke, the Chairman, Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria (CSDON), says Nigerians should not underestimate the importance of early detection of cancer.

CSDON is a foundation established in 2002 for maternal and child health.

Duke made the observation in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sideline of the 7th Annual Run for Cancer Cure Campaign in Lagos on Saturday.

She said that the CSDON, through the campaign, was highlighting the importance of early detection of cancer.

“Today, we are joining our voices to raise awareness about the benefits of screening and to enlighten the public on childhood cancers.

“I believe that everyone knows someone who has either gone through the challenge of cancer or actually lost someone in the battle with cancer.

“My father died from prostate cancer; my aunt died from cervical cancer; I also have friends who lost their lives to cancer and some who survived,” she said.

Duke said that the common trend among those who survived was the fact that their cancer were detected and treated early.

She said that the money raised from the campaign would be used to treat and support people with cancer.

“It is not enough to pay hospital bills if the recipient is unable to get to the hospital.

“People with cancer sometimes need support to pay for their transportation to the hospital in order to receive treatment,” she said.

According to Duke, CSDON volunteers and donations have facilitated patients’ transportation, treatment costs and provided other services.

She said that it was not unusual for people to get a cancer diagnosis and yet failed to seek treatment because of fear.

“Right now, if anyone is going through the challenge of cancer, you can get in touch with CSDON.

“Do not be afraid and fail to seek appropriate and early treatment; it is important to remember that God also heals through medicine,” she said.

The over 1,200 participants, including children ran, walked or cycled to raise money for CSDON. (NAN)

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