Ebola Case: Lagos Says Medical Centre Acted Professionally

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The has thrown its weight behind the First Consultant Center.

The Special Adviser on Health to the , Dr. Yewande Adeshina, told Channels Television earlier on Tuesday that the hospital took all the necessary precautions caring for the victim who died last week.

“I wish to debunk the rumour that the hospital was not competent. This hospital saved basically by having a high index of suspicion being able to call within 24 hours.


“The hospital, First Consultants, was fantastic handling this man’ situation and I’m grateful to God that that was the hospital he went to because I’m not sure a lot of hospitals were truly prepared. They (First Consultants) were so prepared that they had the personal protective equipment on their facility”, she said.

She also explained the reasons why the hospital was shut.

“The hospital was locked down the sense that he died while the hospital. Although is not common to be (infected) in the same room, if you didn’t touch him, chances are that you wouldn’t get the infection.

“But some of the staff might have attended to him that would have gone round the rest of the hospital in this first 24 hours. There were other in the wards that they might have attended to.”