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Ebola: Kumuyi Cancels Deeper Life National Youth Summit


Following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry has cancelled the church’s biggest National Youth summit.

The five-day National Youth Success Camp, with the theme: Raising Incorruptible Youths, was supposed to kick off nationwide tomorrow and last till Friday.

The programme involves the gathering of over 150,000 youths across the nation.

During the yearly event, each state of the federation hosts youths from all secondary schools in a state camp or regional camp, while in Lagos, the programme holds on group basis.

The message for the cancelation of the programme reads: “This is to inform you that the National Youth Success Camp has been postponed till further notice.”

The cancellation of the programme is due to the outbreak of Ebola disease in Lagos and Rivers states.

It is also connected with the federal government’s shifting of the resumption date of all schools to 13 October, 2014 and cancelling all forms of tutorials in schools pending the containment of the Ebola crisis in the nation.

The suspension of the programme was announced in all district churches of the church in Lagos on Sunday and other states of the federation.
In his sermon on Sunday transmitted live to all Deeper Life Churches nationwide, Kumuyi warned his members against the deadly Ebola, urging them to embrace cleanliness.

Speaking on the topic: Healing and Health for the Whole Man,  he urged church members must shun all forms of dirty habits which could aid the spread of the disease.

 According to him, Christians should endeavour to wash their hands always after using the toilet and keep their surroundings very clean, stressing that hygiene is an antidote to Ebola.

He also charged them to avoid contact with suspected Ebola victims as they could also contract the disease.

“If you keep yourself in good hygiene, it will help you to avoid Ebola. You have to observe washing of hands properly. Proper hygiene contributes to our health and happiness. We need to watch what we eat and how we eat,” he said.

According to Kumuyi, deadly diseases like Ebola, HIV/AIDS were not for the children of God, saying “Ebola will not hurt you, HIV will not hurt you, God will keep you healthy.”[eap_ad_3]

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