Ebola: Nigerians advised to spread facts, not rumours

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ILORIN – A pharmacist at the Teaching Hospital (UITH), Kwara State, Mr Lanre Alege, has charged Nigerians to spread facts and not rumours about the Ebola virus.

Alege made the call Saturday during an “Ebola virus awareness campaign” as part of the monthly keep-fit exercise for staff of the hospital in Ilorin.

He cited the example of a case of the virus at a private hospital in Ilorin, involving a seven-month-old child, which was later discovered to be untrue.

“People should tell others the truth about the Ebola virus and not peddle rumour about it,” he said. [eap_ad_1] He advised against the consumption of bitter-cola and kolanut as remedies against the virus, saying that there was proof of their efficacies.

Alege urged Nigerians to quickly go to medical centres when they developed symptoms like fever, tiredness, headache and nausea.

He said that vaccine had been developed for the treatment of the virus, adding that about 90 per cent of people who contact Ebola would die.

According to him, zmapp vaccine, developed by a Canadian laboratory scientist and made available by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Nano Silver, developed by a Nigerian scientist, are only experimental drugs.

The Chief Medical Director of UITH, Prof. Abdulwaheed Olatinwo, commended the organisers of the keep-fit exercise, and for creating awareness about the Ebola virus. (NAN)