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ECOWAS suspends meetings of member-states over Ebola outbreak


ABUJA –  The ECOWAS Commission has suspended all meetings involving member states of the commission due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in some West African countries.

The Vice President of ECOWAS Commission, Mr Toga McIntosh, announced this at a briefing organised by the Nigerian government for the diplomatic corps on Ebola outbreak in Abuja on Thursday.

McIntosh said the management of the commission took the decision as a precautionary measure to check the spread of the virus.

He said only meetings that were “very essential’’ would be convened by the commission but he did not provide any specifics.

“We know that all of our meetings bring together, stakeholders from the member states.

“So, on August 4, when we had our management meeting we took a decision to suspend all meetings that will bring us together from our various countries.

“Let’s watch this spread and let’s see how this will go down, and then thereafter, we can see how we can proceed.

“Except if the meeting is so essential and we are well guided we will approve,’’ he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls Patrick Sawyer, the 40-year-old Liberian and American, who died of the virus in Lagos, flew in from Monrovia to attend an ECOWAS meeting in Calabar.

McIntosh expressed thanks to the Lagos State government, the hospital that treated Sawyer in Lagos and the Nigerian media for their support to contain and combat the deadly disease.

“ECOWAS is sad that the disease is spreading like wildfire in our community,’’ he said, and condoled with families and West African countries that have lost their citizens to the Ebola virus.

[eap_ad_1] The ECOWAS official said all staff of the commission, including the driver and protocol officers who made direct contact with Sawyer before his death has been placed under surveillance.

He said a request had been made to the Lagos State government for the fumigation of the ECOWAS office in the state and the vehicle used by Sawyer.

He said this was because the staff that made contact with Sawyer returned to the office and they used the toilets and also interacted with others.

According to him, the Lagos office of ECOWAS has been temporarily closed until after the fumigation exercise.

He added that the commission had also established a taskforce to monitor all information on Ebola and also establish a hotline for enquiries and emergencies.

McIntosh appealed to member states and the international community to contribute to a special fund established by the regional bloc to fight the disease.

NAN reports that most of the efforts are geared toward public enlightenment and procurement of safety materials for health workers.

The ECOWAS vice president thanked Nigeria for being one of the first countries to donate to the fund after its launch in Accra during the last ECOWAS Heads of State and government meeting.

President Goodluck Jonathan had donated three million dollars in support of three Ebola-stricken three West African countries.

A breakdown of Nigeria’s contribution shows that one million dollars will go Guinea; 500,000 dollars to Sierra Leone; 500,000 dollars to Liberia and one million dollars to the ECOWAS Pool Fund for Ebola.

McIntosh said: “ECOWAS community has a challenge; that challenge goes beyond the health sector.

“It requires a collective approach to put our commitment together and deal with this destructive element to development,’’ he said.

According to the World Health Organisation, the death toll from the outbreak has risen to 932, with more than 1,711 total cases. (NAN)


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