Education icon, Vicky Colbert, is AUN’s 7th commencement speaker

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YOLA (Sundiata Post) – The American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola, has announced that this year’s commencement speaker will be Ms. Vicky Colbert, a woman who has revolutionised education in the developing world.

According to a statement made available to Sundiata Post, Ms. Colbert would be speaking the Yola campus of the American University of Nigeria May 9.

In announcing the selection of Ms. Colbert, AUN President Ensign, according to the statement, said:  “We are all so happy that an educator as internationally known and distinguished has found the time to visit .  As Africa’s first ‘development university’, we are anxious to hear of her wonderful experiences in the developing world, where her work has brought education and hope to so many millions of children across the globe.”

education is much the minds of many at AUN, which is currently striving with its local community to feed and educate hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Boko to the .  Yola is currently home to 400,000 such displaced persons, over 200,000 of them children, who are mostly out of school and who do not have the resources for basic education.

Ms. Colbert, who began her work in Colombia, faced similar challenges in trying to bring high education to the impoverished rural people of that nation.  Her new model of teaching and learning has won her praise , and her methods have been widely emulated, with success, not just in Latin America but far beyond.

First conceived in 1975 to provide complete basic education in Colombia and to improve the and effectiveness of schools, Colbert designed the  Escuela Nueva model of education. The model became her professional . She has devoted her to promoting schools based its pedagogy, ensuring its and sustainability over time, innovating and adapting it to different contexts and countries, ensuring that it has an impact on national policies, and keeping it in the educational public agenda.
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Escuela Nueva  is a social innovation that provides a cost effective, replicable, and scalable solution to the issue of low quality education. The model encourages a strong relationship between the school and the community. Flexible promotion allows students to advance one grade or level to another and complete academic units at their own pace.

Colbert has held many official posts, including Vice-Minister of Education of Colombia and UNICEF Regional Education Adviser for the LAC , and has garnered countless awards, including the first Clinton Global Citizenship Award.

Described by the World Bank in 1989 as “one of the three most outstanding reforms in the developing countries that has gone to national scale,” her educational model has been successfully implemented in 16 countries, impacting many millions of students.
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