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Educationist proposes annual “best school principal award’’ to boost performance


Abuja- An Educationist , Dr Rosemary Nwangwu, on Friday advocated the introduction of ”best principal award” to boost performance in the education sector.

Nwangwu told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that monitoring and evaluation of the principals’ performances would encourage superlative performances.

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“It is a way actually of celebrating principals who have begun to practice what they learn at this workshop.

“The award will be like selecting best principal of the year following some of the expectations-role modeling, instructional leadership.

“We will now begin to every year collect what they are doing in their schools and know which principal is emerging as the best.

“ That will encourage others to lead better in their schools; not just focus on administration but also focus on leading for learning because in the end if learning doesn’t happen, we have not achieved anything.’’

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The expert said that the idea required a mechanism for achieving it with the ministry’s support.

A participant, Mrs Omasilem Ejiohue, told NAN that it was wise to train principals in order to take the knowledge back to their teachers.

Ejiohue, who is the Principal of Federal Science and Technical College, Ahoada, Rivers, said that the training was in tandem with President Goodluck Jonathan’s innovation in education

“It is wise thing to train the principals to train their teachers; they will go home and become drivers of development in their schools.

“I have no doubt that after this session, we will become better leaders and produce better leaders.’’ (NAN)

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