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EFCC, Where is Thy Sting? By Clemens Obi


I had written few weeks back upon the threats of EFCC to Gov Ayo Fayose that they were coming for him immediately he loses his immunity as a Governor. And I said if were him, I would besiege the EFCC office myself immediately after handing over. As if Ayo heard my voice, he did just that, and the rest, they say, is humor! EFCC in recent time has lost its potency and respect, serving both as the mouthpiece of the ruling APC and PMB’s campaign coordinator. And as usual with APC government, they are never prepared for anything except propaganda, media hypes and all sorts of mendacities. I can bet my eyeglasses to anyone who dares to challenge me that APC-EFCC has no file with valid charges against Fayose. They were more interested in the media celebration and political capital they would’ve made if Fayose had fled or attempted to flee the country. But Ayo beat them to the game, leaving them to an erratic and microwavic charge of N1.3B they are currently struggling to place on him. These charges at the end of the day, would drop like an unhooked brassieres (like others in the past) before any court of law, then they blame the judiciary for not joining them in their gallery-play called “fighting corruption” as they have done in the past. EFCC is currently detaining Fayose just to hastily draft frivolous and infantile charges against him but the law of the land will soon remind them that he “remains innocent until proved otherwise”- that’s as my Snr brother, Jimanze Ego-Alowes, would say is the “iron lore”, the rest is piti-piti!
For me, na Oshodi bridge I go dey dey browse their follies!

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