Ekiti People Voted Against Fayemi Not For Fayose, Says Commentator

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A social commentator, Joachim Macebong, believes that the Ekiti -elect, Ayo Fayose, has only been a beneficiary incumbent , ’s mistakes in the .

Speaking Rubbin’ Minds Channels Television, he stated that the victory the ’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the Ekitit governorship election was more a vote against , rather than a vote for Fayose.

He said that had been in back and forth tussles with civil servants and teachers in the for about 18 months, asking the teachers to take competency tests that resulted in heavy shakeups in the system, thereby creating bad blood with constitute the majority the voters.

Although , according to him, stepped back the Competency Test, he believed that it was too late, as the civil servants had already hardened stance against him. He also berated the for his inability to build a connection with the grassroots throughout his tenure.

the implication of the PDP victory as the 2015 general election beckons, with few observers believing that this was an indication that there would be a major shift in 2015, he warned that should be wary of such views as was not yet at the point when it could talk about a big shift.

He maintained his earlier position that the Ekiti election outcome was a protest as it was “a referendum about Fayemi, not necessarily a vote for Fayose.”

Mr Macebong also decried the state of insecurity in the state which the Nigerian security agencies were yet to be able to control. He noted that the kind of security provided in Ekiti State for the Saturday election showed “what can happen when the Nigerian security apparatus want to work”.

He recalled reports of people under insurgents’ attacks calling for help with no one coming to aid and challenged the Nigerian to show more commitment to securing the lives and property of its citizens.

While admitting that focusing on securing the of the missing Chibok was good, he advised that there was need to pay attention to basic restructuring of the security agencies to be able to repel attacks, as the Ekiti election had shown that they were capable of doing so. (Channelstv)