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Election: Labour Party leads in popularity, ballot appraisal – Obi, says he wants to change the Nigerian story

Peter Obi

ABUJA – Mr. Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, on mop-up campaigns to special swing states and vote bloc epicenters, across the country, said his party, supposedly without structure, has overtaken the oversize parties with giant structures in public popularity and ballot demand, in just seven months, counting from May, last year.

Obi, speaking through the Head of National Publicity, Contact and Mobilisation Team of the LP’s Presidential Campaign Council (LP-PCC), Comrade Tony Akeni, congratulated Obidient Nigerians for the overtake, urging them to employ him in Saturday’s Presidential/National Assembly polls to enable him to rewrite the sad story of the country.

His words: “Today, within so short a space of time, in barely seven months beginning from the end of May, last year, to now, we have sprung from planets behind the colossal political parties of our country with all their octopus structures and questionable multi-trillion naira campaign war chests. Yet in public popularity and ballot demand today, we have overtaken them with our lean purse of anointed pennies prayerfully, strenuously, and painfully gathered, but spent with prayers and a patriotic sense of purpose and purport.

“From behind the pack, we have today become, according to many credible local and international poll surveys, the first choice of presidential and vice presidential ticket in Nigeria.

“Working with shoelace budgets and the skin of our teeth, all of you ObiDients, home and abroad made it happen. You enabled our Labour Party to overtake in credibility and popularity the other gigantic parties, which have been running our country for over two decades, making our party distinctly the front contender in the 2023 presidential polls coming up in less than a week.

“I publicly and proudly declare that without the incredibly selfless, amazingly resourceful sacrifices of all of you ObiDient Nigerians behind the LP and I, we would not have come this far. Since the beginning of the race to the present moment, this is a fact that my running mate, Sen. Datti Baba-Ahmed, and I are particularly and constantly conscious of.

“I, therefore, wish to re-state and amplify my eternal gratitude to ObiDients all over Nigeria and the globe. Your self-motivated initiatives, industrious voter canvassing labours, grassroots sensitisation, and mobilisation throughout the country have been unique and unparalleled in voluntary electioneering solidarity with a candidate, especially a humble candidate like me. It is easily the first of its kind throughout the history of Africa, if not the entire world.

“I salute your energy, creativity, courage, focus, and priceless loyalty to the call to rescue and take back our fatherland. I am glad and proud of you for agreeing that it is a mission for today’s living Nigerians and generations of countless more Nigerians yet unborn.”

“We are so close to the finishing tape. You must please, in each cell of the Obi-Datti activity you belong, keep contributing your top talents, donations, and campaign materials to our ever-enthusiastic field soldiers. Expand your energy and synergy to the last legal campaign evening before Election Day.

“Do not lose steam. Do not lose a step. Do not let donor fatigue, marathon cramp, organizational stress, or exhaustion weigh you down, but push, push, and push. There should be no slowing down until we get to the finish line. Because it is only there that a crown awaits your frown.

“If employed by Nigerians in the February 25 presidential poll, my administration will astonish the world. With the support of Nigerians, the Labour Party government will do everything to ensure that the country takes a giant leap out of her present multi-faceted leadership woes to a height of modern advancement and democratic civilisation that will make every Nigerian, home and abroad, proud to be a Nigerian,” he said. (Vanguard)

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