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Election: Obi poised to win with 230,917 party agents to protect votes, says POSN


ABUJA – The Peter Obi Support Network says the official list of party agents released on Monday by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) confirms that victory is sure for the Labour Party (LP) in Saturday’s presidential election.

The group in a statement issued on Tuesday by its Strategic Communications Directorate noted that a careful analysis of the INEC figures indicated that LP has the largest number of agents among the 18 contesting political parties and is thus well positioned to protect its votes in Saturday’s election and subsequent ones.

“Contrary to the cheap lies and sickening propaganda of the sinking opposition, INEC records just released to the public show that the total number of agents for Labour Party is 134,874, which added to the 96,043 agents of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), which has collapsed its structures into LP, amounts to a grand total of 230,917 agents for the LP for Saturday’s presidential election. This makes LP the party with by far the largest number of agents, followed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with 176,588 agents, the All Progressives Congress (APC) with 176,223 and the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) with 176,200 agents,” POSN said in the statement signed by one of its spokespersons, Great Imo Jonathan.

The statement reads in part: “Labour Party is winning this election. Don’t mind any demonic propaganda and fake news from the outgoing ruling APC party and the equally failed former ruling PDP.

“They had thought we were joking but now know we are unstoppable and set to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians from the abominable characters that have destroyed our dear country and want to mortgage the future of generations unborn because of their greed, selfishness, sentiments and short sightedness.

“If they come in one way, we will come at them in ten different ways because we are amorphous. They never saw the ADC angle and they don’t know the other many things that await them. Even their thugs and vote buying agents don’t know how prepared we are to deal with them if they try anything stupid on the day of election. They underestimated the resolve of this generation of Nigerians to reset this great nation for greatness, to secure and unite the nation, to move the nation from consumption to production and evolve a New Nigeria.”

Continuing, POSN said in the statement: “Those who live off the old order and want to stop the emergence of new Nigeria should wait for a never seen before battle of positive ideology against a negative order. EndSARS was a rehearsal; this is a new Nigeria movement that will not stop until the rebirth of our great nation.

“Vote LP (Labour Party). A New Nigeria Is Possible With Peter Obi and Datti Yusuf – the unbeatable presidential ticket destined for victory on Saturday, February 25, 2023.”

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