Election results: UN, AU, ECOWAS call on parties to exercise restraint

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By Temitope Ponle

Abuja – The UN, African Union (AU) and ECOWAS have urged political parties to restraint as the Independent National Electoral Commission announces the results the presidential and National elections.

In a statement by the international bodies made available on Tuesday by the ECOWAS Commission, they also urged candidates to continue to patience for the complete results.

“The attention the ECOWAS, AU and the UN has been drawn to the rejection of the results of the presidential election of Feb.23, 2019 by one of the participating political parties, even as they are still in the of being released.

“ECOWAS, AU and the UN call on all candidates, political parties and indeed all to continue to patience, calm and restraint, in order to allow for the full results the election to be released by INEC.

They further encouraged aggrieved parties and persons to resort to legal means to seek redress, in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws, as agreed in the Peace Accord Feb. 13.