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Electricity consumers express divergent views over power supply in Ilorin


Ilorin –  Electricity consumers in Ilorin have expressed divergent views over the performance of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) in electricity distribution and supply.

The consumers made their views known when they spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Monday.

While some residents in the suburbs expressed satisfaction with the level of power supply received in past months, others described the supply as epileptic.

The residents of Opo-Malu, Offa Road, Irewolede and IGS said they enjoy improved power supply, especially those in Irewolede who claimed they now enjoy between 20 to 23 hours of electricity per day.

Also residents of Opo-Malu said they now enjoy electricity for about 13 hours daily which was 54 per cent against the average of five to six hours in the past which also translated to 24 per cent.

Residents and shop owners in these areas revealed that they no longer spend as much on fuel as they do in the past months.
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A shop owner in Irewolede Estate, Mrs Risikat Salako, told NAN that she now get at least 83 per cent of supply which she said was about 20-hour of electricity a day.

Salako said that she no longer had to worry about her goods which were mostly perishable because the power was stable to keep them fresh.

“Since I moved to Irewolede in February, my generator has hardly been switch on, but when I was at Taiwo Road, the generator was over used and consumed lots of fuel,” Salako said.

Ibrahim Ajide, a barber at Opo-Malu Area, also said that with the regular supply, he now spent less on fuel and used the money he could have spent on fuel for other worthwhile ventures.

“You know that in the evening if you want to sell as a barber you must play music to attract people to your salon, if you don’t do that, you won’t get customers.

“I used to spend more on fuel in the past, especially when the product is scarce, but with regular NEPA light, I now save more money from my business,” Ajide said.

However, residents of Baboko, Agbooba, Ita Amodu, Taiwo and Oke Lele neighborhoods had different stories as they complained of poor electricity supply in their areas.

A tenant who lived at Agbooba, Idowu Sanni, said electricity supply had
drastically dropped.

“We used to have light for between 14 to 15 hours a day, but it has now dropped to around six hours a day,” Sanni said.

Another resident in Baboko, Ayinde Muhammed, expressed his frustration over the power situation in the area; saying that they barely get close to six hours of light a day.

An official of IBEDC, who pleaded anonymity, attributed the drop in the supply of power to Agbooba and other areas to what he called “shared power break”.

According to him, this has led to the sharing of breaker between Agbooba and Baboko.

The IBEDC official said Baboko should have its own breaker, but it was now sharing with Agbooba which was the reason the two places had lesser supply. (NAN)

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