Electricity: textile industry’s greatest challenge, says Fashion designer

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LAGOS – Mudiaga Enajemo, also known as Mudi, one the most celebrated fashion designers in Nigeria, said on Friday that power outage remained the greatest challenge of the textile industry in the country.

Enajemo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that while Nigerians could be regarded as the best dressed in Africa, the textile industry in the country had failed to thrive.

He said the situation had left designers with no other option than to import fabrics.

“With my exposure, we are number one in terms of dressing; in Africa, we are number one; after Nigeria, we have the Congolese.

“For you to know a good outfit, you have to first of all consider the concept, then fitting, and finishing.
“Design is the concept; the fitting is how the attire sits on you then the finishing – that makes a good clothe.

“Basically, we don’t have a textile industry in Nigeria. We make do with what we have; most of our fabrics are all from abroad.

“So, we just have to manage until we resuscitate our textile industry. For now, we have to keep importing.

“One of the major reasons is energy. Most companies in Nigeria have folded up because of power outage. Power is key.

“For you to empower your economy, you must have power. You have to generate your own power and it’s very expensive.

“After power, there is human management. It’s number two.“

Enajemo, runs the fashion line, Mudi Africa, and has branches across Nigeria and some African countries such as Ghana, South Africa, and Senegal. (NAN)