#EndSARS: ‘I Am Not Afraid To Die, Buhari’s Speech Frustrating’ – Falz To CNN

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Nigerian lawyer, actor and musician, Folarin Falana aka Falz has said he is not afraid to die for .

He made in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour after a short clip of ’s Thursday’s speech was played.

According to him, Buhari’s promise to reform police was infuriating and frustrating as his administration had been making same promise of reform since 2017.

In clip, Buhari said was scrapped in response to campaigners’ demands and extensive police reforms were underway.

When Amanpour then asked him how much stock he puts in Buhari’s pledges, Falz, who had been shaking his head cynically as the clip played, said: “’s infuriating, annoying and frustrating. And think that’s how everyone is feeling right .

“They have been reforming the police for a long time and we have never seen actual action. They announced that had been disbanded in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

“They just think we are stupid. is insensitive.”

am not afraid of dying’

When Amanpour asked him if he wasn’t scared, as many young people refused to appear on camera, Falz said he was not afraid for his life, as the Nigerian has made death a commonplace occurrence.

Falz told Amanpour: “ am not afraid for my life because where we are right , I feel like I can easily die by anything else anyway.

“We have a non-existent healthcare system, for example. We have a seriously high level of poverty; there is unemployment.

“We are in a critical state because of the level of corruption and mismanagement of funds that we continue to see on a daily basis.

“I can have an accident on my way to work and die because the state of healthcare is nothing to write home about. People have to travel abroad to have proper healthcare.

“We keep on saying that every single Nigerian is one sickness away from passing away.

“So what kind of life am I living any way? should I be afraid of dying? I am going to die anyway, so what is the point?” Falz asked Amanpour.