#EndSARS: Igbo town unions meet over insecurity

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The Association of Town Unions (ASETU) Sunday announced that would hold an emergency retreat Enugu State to discuss the rising challenges the zone following the recent protests across the country.

a press statement by the national president and the national secretary of the union, Chief Emeka Diwe and Mr. Gideon Adikwuru, respectively, ASETU disclosed that the two-day event would begin Friday.

ASETU restated its commitment to mutual respect and love among all the ethnic nationalities in the country.

They further stated that the group would continue to respect the diversities of the country and to relate with all ethnic formations with mutual dignity, stressing that any other insinuations to the contrary was totally ‘un-Igbo.

“As the umbrella association of all the town unions in Igbo land, we have an obligation of rising to the occasion to stem the tide of this incendiary turn of an otherwise protest organized by to express their displeasure over .

“The town union system, historically, has been the fulcrum of peace, development and prosperity of the Igbo , and the closest administrative units to the Igbo grassroots.

“ASETU has put arrangements in place for a two-day emergency retreat so as to bring all Igbo communities, leaders and stakeholders together to reflect aloud the challenges facing people as a result of the fallout of the protests.

This retreat will be held at the Universal Hotels, Enugu, between November 19 and November 20, 2020,” the group stated. (Daily Sun)

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