#EndSARS protest: Have you heard about DPO Rabiu Garba? 

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Rabiu Garba

By Sunny Igboanugo

He’s last man standing. He’s hero. He’s the man that saved his people. He’s the DPO of FEGGE Police Station, Onitsha!

What’s his story?

Instead of extortion, he ensures common folks are safe and free. He also does other things that has integrated him as a community leader. For instance: Faced with a debilitating problem, he mobilised fundraising and built a borehole for community.

further give the youths a sense of belonging, he used the most popular . He organises competitions for them which he not only horns local talents but counsels them about crimes and criminality emphasising the for them stay away them.

further entrench himself as a people’s policeman, he threw his doors wide open, listened the people with passion and genuine willingness help.

Invite RABIU GARUBA to any local event, he’s there. Church dedication, naming ceremony, launching of community projects, he was there.

For those know, FEGGE police station was a notorious enclave. It was the hub of activities in many ways. It was a replica of the nearby Onitsha Main Market, with its own buying and selling activities.

The stakes were high and the engagements constant enough that policemen paid heavy bribes to be posted there, because a policeman worked there for one year and didn’t “make it” must be suffering “ancestral curse.”

But RABIU GARUBA changed all that. He hated extortion and bribery. Oh! What an enemy he must have made himself amongst his corrupt folks were involved in the bazaar, most of them Igbo officers. Remember RABIU GARUBA is not Igbo. Yet, he solved a problem that had defied decades.

Now, the RESULT!

Rampaging # youths looking for where to vent their anger arrived. Virtually all his colleagues fled – deserted, some the windows, others scaling the walls. But not RABIU GARUBA. Instead of running, he decided to meet them, because he knew them. They were his people.

The effect was magical. Ululation! The anger of the youths transformed immediately. They saw him. They knew him. Not as a heartless extortionist or butcher like the notorious Awkuzu SARS boss, but a direct opposite.

Instead of we no go gree ooo we no go gree it became RABIU GARUBA! We want GARUBA, we want GARUBA! The youths turned their anger elsewhere.

Today, the FEGGE police station stands intact. Its survival is symbol and a message. No pin was broken no limb was broken, nobody died. ? RABIU GARUBA!

Yes! Those youths may be daft. But they know what they want. They know their targets. RABIU GARUBA didn’t fit into it, because he is not only a model – a good cop, but a good man.


The man that will save Nigeria lives within. He’s found in every tribe and religion. It’s only that the people have allowed their eyes to be cloaked. The day they allow the scale to fall , they’ll find him either the Gwoza Hills, the Olumo Rocks or Ogbunike Caves. They’ll find him in RABIU GARUBA, the rave of the moment, a hero of the # movement!

•Source: Facebook