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Environmental expert advises Eko Atlantic City management on beach erosion


Lagos – The Chairman, Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), Lagos Island Chapter, Mr John Ekoko, on Tuesday called on the management of Eko Atlantic City to construct modes mid-sea to check erosion at Lekki Beach.

Ekoko made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

According to him, erosion of the Lekki Beach shorelines showed that the angle the wave breakers are constructed did not take into consideration direction of the current.

“The construction of the Eko Atlantic City has increased the ferocity of the waves on the Lekki Beach shoreline.

“In short, within three days, the erosion has ate up about 20 meters of the land and every day you come to the beach you feel unsafe.

“The breakers that should have been constructed first are now being constructed.

“In other words, the Eko Atlantic City has been built, the effect already felt and you are now trying to control it,’’ he said.

Ekoko said that even the angle with which they put breakers did not consider the direction of the current.

According to him, there is an angle you will put the breakers and it will deflect the waves as they come.

Ekoko said that there was need to extend the shoreline because it served as a damp to break the water before it gets to the land.

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He said that as it was now they needed to go to the mid-sea again to construct modes.

The chairman said that Eko Atlantic City had not taken into consideration all the environmental effects of the construction on shorelines along the Atlantic Ocean.

He added that the call should not be ignored as the government had not paid attention when concerned parties raised issues about what is happening at the shorelines.

“Government has a way of diverting attention when concerned parties raise environmental issues that affect major construction projects.

“They carried out Environmental Impact Assessment, but people are still saying they are doing the last thing first instead of first thing first.

“Go to bar beach, you see the structures virtually completed and now they are constructing the breakers,’’ he said.

He said that they should have done this first, secure the coastlines because water never had a vacuum and chase it from here it will go elsewhere.

Ekoko said that if they had built breakers first, the whole of the shoreline would have been protected instead of the increasing rate of erosion being witnessed now at the beach. (NAN)

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