Europe, England and the Silent Toleration of Racism and Racists, By Samuel Ajayi

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I have KEENLY followed the racism saga involving Man City star, Raheem Sterling, and it further reinforced my belief: RACISM IS DEEP ROOTED IN ENGLAND AND EUROPE AND FIFA, UEFA ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FIGHTING IT.

Perhaps, Sterling’s calling out of the English media over their biased reporting against black players has raised the bar. Sterling specifically mentioned Tosin Adarabioyo, a Man City first team player born to Nigerian parents. He just bought a house worth £2m for himself and his mother. Around same time, Foden, another Man City young player bought a house. The way Daily Mail reported these developments showed a society where racism THRIVES.

Lets go back to 2012.

John Terry made racist slur at Anton Ferdinand, younger brother of Rio Ferdinand. Anton was playing for Queens Park Rangers then and Terry called him “fucking black cunt”.

There was outrage. But what did we get?

Ashely Cole was to write a statement (as a witness) but a top Chelsea officer got the statement watered down to try and exonerate Terry.

Terry was fined £220,000 in October 2012 after a 63-page Football Association report found his defence against the charge of racially abusing Ferdinand to be “improbable, implausible, contrived.” Terry was banned for FOUR games.

And now this: the panel decided Terry “is not a racist” but were “satisfied” his comments were used as a racial insult.”

And you know what? A month later, Terry was back skippering Chelsea in a UEFA Champions League match.

Terry easily paid his fine, sat out four games and returned as Chelsea captain.

CAN YOU SAY TERRY’S PUNISHMENT WAS CAPABLE OF STUMPING OUT RACISM? Fabio Capello resigned because he was told Terry had to go as England captain. To him (Capello), no big deal in what Terry said. England dropped Terry as captain to “express equality in her national team” but Chelsea retained him.

As for UEFA, a club would be accused of racist abuse and it would be fined €100,000 and life goes on.

* If a club loses its place in UEFA competition and banned for three seasons from participating, its fans would think twice before making racist slur.

* In same way, if a player is banned TWELVE MONTHS from playing the game, other players will sit up. (Same FIFA bans a player for EIGHT MONTHS for missing routine drug test).

* If a fan makes racist remark or throws banana at opposing players and he is jailed TEN years, no one will do it again.

Augustine Eguavoen, when playing in Belgium, was banned for almost a year for hitting a referee. But what did the referee do? Augustine was a to take a dead ball and the referee moved closer to him and said: “Go back to your country you monkey.”

Eguavoen hit him, was banned but the referee got away with such a terrible racist abuse.

Europe and England are not ready to stamp out racism. They cannot be saying racism has no place in football yet, they keep slapping racists on the wrist and treating them with kid gloves!

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